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Career Insights specializes in helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential though one-on-one and team coaching.

Following years of experience working with hundreds of people from students to executives, I have found that people want to perform at their highest potential, and they sometimes need help in illuminating their vision and developing strategies to achieve their goals. So, my coaching is designed to help you clarify your desires and to plan and execute the actions needed to realize your success.

In all walks of life, understanding our strengths, what inspires us, what inhibits us and our underlying needs and motivators enables us to increase our positive perceptions and acceptance of the wonderful uniqueness of ourselves and others. This understanding leads to increased satisfaction and balance with relationships at work and at home. As a certified coach and consultant, I use several assessment and coaching methodologies to help you explore the essence of who you are, the gifts you bring to your career, and the leader within. As we work together, you can expect that I will honor your struggles, your successes, and most importantly, the essence of you.

Intuiting the essence of an individual or group
Holding compassionate yet firm space for truth
Synthesizing multiple perspectives and stating the truthful whole
I will seek to cultivate discernment in the use of my trust. . . .

Grace Moniz

Grace Moniz