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Assessments are questionnaires that help you understand yourself and others. There are no right or wrong answers. Most people find results eye-opening. Career Insights uses two assessments that are highly regarded for their validity (the assessment measures what it says it measures) and reliability (the results are consistent no matter how often the assessment is administered) Assessments are completed by individuals with explication of results delivered one-on-one or for couples, families, or work groups.

The Birkman Method

The primary assessment used by Career Insights is The Birkman Method®. It consists of 300 questions and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete via the Internet. The Birkman Method is an in-depth, multi-dimensional instrument that assists you in seeing yourself from many angles. The assessment identifies your strengths, interests, usual and stress behaviors, and most importantly, your motivational needs. It describes your leadership style, organizational focus, and the ways in which you view problems and solutions. It also provides a comparison of your profile with those in 167 careers. After completing your assessment, you will schedule a review with Grace of your 40-50 page assessment report. The review can be done in person or over the phone in one or more sessions lasting a total of approximately two to three hours.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Grace Moniz is also qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Based on the research of Carl Jung's personality types, the MBTI helps you identify your personality type based on sixteen preferences that are uncovered by answering 144 questions via the Internet or with paper and pencil. The assessment takes about 30 minutes. After completing the MBTI, meet with Grace in person or by phone to review the results and to formulate a plan for implementing your insights.

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