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Clients and Testimonials

Consulting clients include:

  • Executive Career Services
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Oi Partners/The McGuire Group
  • Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business
  • The Ajament Partners

Here's what client's have to say:

"I truly enjoyed and appreciated your seminar today. I found it to be both interesting and helpful and was able to immediately integrate certain elements of it in to my job search. After I left, I raced off to a meeting where I had the chance to practice a pitch I had created in the car based upon your advice. I followed that up with a more practiced version during my dinner meeting that, I think, accomplished more than I have seen since I started this job search. Thank you." Joshua Berman, Los Angeles

"I was going through a hard time in my professional development when I found Grace through Pepperdine's career development program. She really helped ease my concerns, and guided me through a comprehensive professional and personal assessment that showed me where my career could go. Her counseling helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, renewed my confidence, and reinforced my optimism. Thank you so much, Grace! You made a real difference in my professional development." Lana Lyubushko, Los Angeles

"When I worked with Grace I was one year out of graduate school. Grace coached me through tackling the intimidating question "what am I going to do with my life?" by breaking it down into manageable pieces and helping me through each one. Grace not only helped me once, but she gave me the tools to help myself as I continue to make career moves in the future. I just moved back to the US at the end of January, and I was certainly feeling a bit nervous about finding a job in this market. Having a tested process allowed me to approach it calmly and confidently, and this past Wednesday I started a job that I think is perfect for me." Will DelHagen, Silicon Valley, CA

"Grace was instrumental in two of my career changes (in 2001 and 2005). Grace was an excellent coach as she helped me define my goals and most importantly achieving them, she is extremely professional and very understanding." Guillaume Tourneur, Los Angeles

"Grace is a very thoughtful and strategic thinker who helps clients capitalize on their apparent skills and to show off the skills they didn't realize were selling points. She is a real connector and was very helpful in my career transition." Lucille Renwick, Los Angeles

"One of Grace's outstanding talents is her ability to connect people. Over the last ten years, Grace has introduced me to several people who have become key contacts and business partners. I think Grace is so good at this because she understands lots of kinds of businesses and she has an uncanny ability to recognize potential. Because of her ability to recognize potential and coach for it, Grace is also great at helping clients find direction and hope in their careers and in life in general. I have referred several people to her, and the changes in their lives after working with Grace have been nothing short of amazing." Lorraine Watkins, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Grace is an excellent guide to new career vistas. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, with keen insight (ergo, her company's name) into the best means for assisting her clients to reach their career goals. And if that's not enough, she is grounded, truthful and caring." Roma Donovan, Los Angeles

"Grace is personable, knowledgeable and more importantly, a great listener. She helped me outline my career goals, manage my budget and develop deeper insight into my strengths as well as my weaknesses. I would not hesitate to work with her in the future." Tiffany Lynne Baker, Los Angeles

"Grace Moniz administered the Birkman assessment to my daughter who is a high school senior. My daughter wanted to know if her career plans were in fact compatible with her overall personality, likes and ultimate preferences. Even though we did not live near Grace, Grace called and scheduled a time that would be mutually agreeable for both my daughter and herself. My daughter was able to take the test here at home. Within two days, we received the results of the assessment. During Grace's telephone conference to me regarding the results of the assessment, Grace advised what career choices coincided with my daughter's personality. Grace also provided details of websites that would help us in evaluating what universities might best fit my daughter, her goals, and personality.

What I found so wonderful about the assessment was the amount of time Grace spent explaining to my daughter how her answers on the assessment indicated her personality and individuality. No question was too trivial. The conclusions reinforced what Susie always felt and believed about herself. If gave her confidence in pursuing her career goals. I would highly recommend taking the Birkman assessment. It is an invaluable tool if you are contemplating what career to follow or if a career change may prove beneficial for yourself. Grace's professionalism enabled my teenager to feel comfortable and confident in all of their dealings." Bea Howell, Los Angeles

"You played a huge role in me making the right professional decision, and I can never thank you enough!!! I can't imagine doing any other career except this one now--though it is one of the mentally toughest jobs I have ever had." "Fong" Phuong Wynn, Los Angeles

"My first session with Grace was amazing. She helped me formulate a strategy for making a career transition. I was assigned exercises to help me recognize my skills, understand my natural tendencies and identify activities I have done in the past which have given me the most pleasure in order to identify a new career direction. I feel that I am no longer "out there" alone, with no direction." Christine Kradjian

"Just a quick note to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for our time together. Doing the Birkman with you has been a life changing experience. I have spent untold hours with therapists, etc., and have never gained such workable insights." N Barr

"Thank you so very much for the revised resume. I really appreciate all the work that you put into it to organize it and make it look presentable. It was getting me to the point of frustration with all my revisions without making any noticeable improvement. This is the cleanest and most professional resume ever. This really boosted my confidence and helped me get focused again." Bob Lesniowski

"I highly recommend Grace Moniz. Grace does contract work with my office, coaching students and alumni from our Executive and Fully-Employed MBA programs. My experience is that she gives 200% to everyone she works with. Her Pepperdine clients have been diverse, from non-managers to middle management to executives, and Grace is always able to offer insight, provoke ideas, and help everyone on their career journey." Tina Ohmstede

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