Career Insights


Employment and Job Search

Occupational Outlook Handbook U.S. government publication that describes various occupations and includes employment outlooks and pay ranges

General Salary Information

Executive search websites

National job search sites

Local job search websites

Specialized job search sites The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information National database of non-profit organization Job search site for IT professionals Primarily West Coast high tech jobs Job board for freelancers and consultants Job board for freelancers and consultants Seasonal jobs Social networking site for business purposes

College, Vocational and Trade School Resources Search engine of U.S. colleges Virtual tours of college campuses Offers information on the college search process, the application process and more Search for schools based on a variety of parameters, create a plan for college, learn about SAT dates and apply on line Search engine for continuing education courses, vocational schools, and trade colleges Search for colleges based on geographic location Career development and job search information for college students and new college graduates

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